The Sportstuff Super Mable Towable: My Review

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Why This 3 Rider Water Tube Is One Of The Best In The Market…..

  1. This classic towable offers a variety of riding options suitable for anyone, making this unique water tube better than others out there:
  2. Special built in features ensure the perfect relaxed ride for children…. OR….. a more WILD ride for experienced tubers….
  3. Along with an amazing design making this Super Mable Tube hard to beat!

Special Features That Make This Towable Water Tube Unlike Any Other….

The wide dimensions of the Super Mable 3 Person Towable ensures the whole family will have a great time on the lake ….

Featuring 2 different tow rope connection points so that….

You can decide to take a nice kick-back ride utilizing the cushioned backrest….. OR… You can reverse to your knees for a chariot style blast on the water that won’t be forgotten.

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Super Mable Towable Boating Water TubeThis Hard To Beat Super Mable Towable Tube Is Equipped With…

  • A Patented safety Speed Valve for Fast Inflation and Deflation.
  • A Full Nylon Heavy-Duty Cover with a Zipper and EVA Foam Pads for a Comfortable Ride.
  • Multiple Grab Handles with Knuckle Guards Offer Support And Safety For Your Hands.
  • Amazing Front and Back Aluminum Quick-Connect Tow Point Connections for a Unique Style of Ride.
  • Self-Bailing Water Drain Vents.

What Are Others Saying About The Sportstuff 53-222 Super Mable Towable Tube….

“I had a Super Mable for two seasons and let it go with my boat when I sold it. I’ve never had a towable that was so much fun. The fact that three people could ride at once was a gas saver! Taking one or two at a time in a tube keeps your gas tank empty and makes for a long day at the lake. This is also keeps the kids (and adults) entertained when using as a swim platform; it’s like having a couch on the lake! The only down side is that is rather heavy, especially when it is wet and your trying to pull it into the boat after a long day, your probably better off towing it in to shore.

I just purchased the 4 person model (Great Big Mable) for my new boat and expect to receive it by this weekend. I’m assuming this one will be really heavy once it’s wet but being able to place 4 screaming kids (or adults) 60′ behind you will be worth the effort. Everyone loves this thing! Highly recommend.”  -James

“This tube is awesome! We had a Super Mable years ago, but found this one to be much better made. You can fit 3 people on it, but we just had 2 adults on it and it pulled us perfectly! It is stable enough to pull small kids as well. The back did not seem to flex backwards like I remember the other one doing. It is really like tubing on a love seat or couch! I found I enjoy sitting up rather that tubes you lay down on, it doesn’t seem to be as painful this way. The cover on this tube seems really durable, so hopefully it will last a long time. We have other Sportsstuff products and they are always very well made and seem to hold up well. I would rather spend a little more money for a nicer product than less money on cheaply made items. We pulled it behind a pontoon and a speed boat and it seemed to work great both ways. I see on the box you can pull it 2 different ways, but we did it with the rope hooked to the flat part with our backs against the back of the tube. It has a strap where you can also hook it up from the backside and kneel on the tube, but I personally would rather be sitting than kneeling. I look forward to using this tube many times in the future!”  -Tara

“Great towable! we have a 22′ pontoon with 60 HP Mercury. At full throttle, we can pull 3 adults at about 18 MPH. Super stable, so good for small children to ride safely. The front rigging has standard hardware to attach your tow rope. the rear rigging requires use of a rope by hardware adapter (why didn’t they put the same hardware piece on the rear rigging). Easy to inflate (we use a 120 volt air mattress compressor and a 120 V x 12 V power cable to fill it right next to the dock with our car outlet.” -Matt

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Final Verdict: Is This Towable Water Tube The Best Choice For You?Super Mable 53-2223 Towable Tube

Answer: Yes!

Bottom Line:

This Towable is Perfect for All Styles of Riders…

Offering a Seated or On Your Knees Riding Option…

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Stars

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Super Mable Towable Tube F.A.Q.

Q: Where can I buy the Sportstuff Super Mable Towable ?

A: You can order it directly from the manufacturer through this link <==

Q: Would this be suitable for my children aged 6,4, and 3?

A: Our 6 year old loves it! Our 3 and 2 year olds were on the fence, but should be ready to try in a year or two. Great product overall!

Goodluck, and heres to having an amazing summer with the Super Mable Towable Tube.