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The Sportstuff Bandwagon Towable Water Tube: (My Review)

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Reasons Why This Water Tube Is One Of The Best In Its Class…..

Best Towable Tube Bandwagon Water Tube

  1. This amazing towable offers space for up to 4 riders! Making this water tube unique from others in its market….
  2. Its amazing features ensures effortless towing…. easy to inflate and deflate….making this inflatable tube a towing machine
  3. Specialized seating offers a variety of positions to fit your style of ride

Why The Amazing Features Of This 4 Person Bandwagon Water Tube Make It The Best Choice For You….

  • The built in dragless nose design creates no front end diving at startup, and makes towing easier than ever beforeSportstuff Bandwagon Towable Tube
  • This pull behind the boat tubes unique seating design allows rider to face frontward or backward…. standing or laying down…. and kneeling or sitting…. making this towable suitable for anyones style
  • Patented speed safety valve not only making inflation and deflation FAST….. but also as simple as possible

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This Sportstuff Water Tube Towable Is Also Equipped With…..

  1. State of the art high back recumbent mesh seating
  2. EVA foam floor pads….along with foam seat bumpers to keep you in place
  3. Double webbed foam handles attached to a heavy duty full nylon towable covering
  4. The easy to use aluminum quick connect tow system allows you to get on the water fast and simple!

What Are Others Saying About The Sportstuff Bandwagon……

“Nothing beats a well-designed and sturdy water toy and this one gets high ratings in both categories. We took it out this past weekend for it’s maiden voyage and everyone had a blast sitting, standing, lying down and surfing on it . . . there are just so many different ways you can ride on it! From the metal quick-connect to the thick cover, this tube is sturdy . . . but the only downside to this product is all of the things that make is sturdy also make is heavy . . . very heavy, so make sure you can lift 70 pounds out of the water as this beast weighs at least that much filled up. But, with weight being the only drawback, I would highly recommend this tube to anyone who needs a toy that lots of people can enjoy!”  -Summers

“The best tow-able I have ever had!! I actually bought it for my 5 year old and his little cousins because it was hard for them to ride a normal tube. Regular tubes seemed to be hard on little kids to keep their head up, even when going slow if they are laying down. And they keep getting splashed in the face. I thought they would like to sit on this and it would be fun. The little kids 3-8 love to just ride on it. It is really hard to get it outside the wake due to its shape with little kids on it. This is a good thing for little kids that want to ride. They feel safe. However, I was disappointed at first because it was boring for the bigger kids. Whipping them left and right with little success. Then, they figured out how to ride it!!!!! WOW! Standing on the back they can pull up on it and the thing will fly left and right. Way better then a normal tube and fun. If you want to have fun with big kids or adults, only put riders on the back and lean like you would on any other tube. It you want to pull little kids put them anywhere. It is built tough also. My kids love it.” -Kyle

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Final Thoughts…. Is 4 Rider Water Tube The Best Choice For You…..?

Answer: Yes!

The 1-4 Rider Design Makes This Towable Perfect For The FamilyWater Tube Towable Tube Boating Tube

While Also Offering Many Different Riding Styles

Rating: 4.2 Out Of 5 Stars

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